The Complications of a Herniated Disk are Serious

stiff-neckA herniated disk is a serious concern that can impact your overall level of health, as well as the way you live your day to day life.

Also referred to as a slipped or ruptured disk, this injury requires immediate medical attention. Even if surgery isn’t required, you’ll want to be proactive with treatment – such as physical therapy – in an attempt to relieve your pain and discomfort.

Many people assume that they can continue to live with a herniated disk, as they’ve already been doing so for an extended period of time. This is a mistake, as it can cause additional medical concerns such as:

·      Worsening symptoms: Your pain may grow to the point where you’re unable to live your life as expected. Just the same, you could experience weakness or numbness that makes it difficult to walk.

·      Bowel or bladder dysfunction: It’s not common, but it’s possible for a herniated disk to result in incontinence or difficulty urinating.

·      Loss of sensation: Over time, you could begin to lose sensation in the back of your legs and thighs, thus making it a challenge to take on even the most basic of tasks.

If you suspect a herniated disk or have been dealing with this injury for a while, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’ve treated many people in your position, and are happy to provide you with the guidance and advice you need to put your injury in the past once and for all.