Chronic Back Pain Risk Factors

Millions upon millions of people suffer from chronic back pain. And unfortunately, a large number of them don’t realize that there’s help to be had.

Before you can find a solution, it’s imperative to pinpoint the cause. Here are some of the many risk factors associated with chronic back pain.

Lower back pain

•    Injury: Back pain injuries come in many forms, ranging from improper lifting to a slip and fall accident.
•    Age: As you begin to age, you’re more likely to run into issues with chronic back pain. This is particularly true once you reach the age of 40.
•    Excess weight: Excess weight puts additional strain on your back (as well as many other parts of your body).
•    Smoking: This is an often overlooked cause of chronic back pain. Smoking causes excessive coughing, which increases the risk of a herniated disk.

If your bank pain has lingered, it’s time to take action. By seeking medical attention from a qualified professional, you’ll come to better understand the cause. Once you know the root of the problem, you can then implement a treatment plan to help you regain your former level of health. 

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