Can Lower Back Problems Make it Difficult to Walk? Yes!

It’s a common question that many people have: could my lower back problems be the reason for pain and discomfort when walking?

While the two issues may not seem to be related, nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, we recently consulted with a patient who had struggled with lower back pain for several years. Previously, his doctor recommended physical therapy, but over the long run it resulted in additional discomfort.

Pain manegement

After ordering another MRI, we were able to diagnose the issue, which was related to weakness in the patient’s legs, along with tingling and numbness.

Here’s what he had to say post-surgery:

“The surgery went GREAT! I walked that afternoon with a walker for the 1st time and I was dumbfounded at how steady my gate was and how easy it was to predict what my legs did. I felt 20 years younger. Every aspect of my recovery of the past 16 days has been wonderful.”

It’s easy to talk yourself into thinking that your lower back problems will follow you for the rest of your life. However, once you receive a proper diagnosis and have the right treatment strategy in place, you can eliminate the pain once and for all.

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