The Best Gifts for Those w/ Back Pain…

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, there’s a great likelihood one of your recipients will suffer or have suffered from back pain. With 31 million Americans suffering from back aches and illnesses, why not give your loved ones the gift of relief this year? Our expert approved list of the best gifts for those suffering from back pain has everything you need to give that special someone the best feeling in the world!

1) Ergonomic Office Chair: If you know someone who works from home, or has their own personal office, why not gift them with an ergonomic office chair? The dynamics of the chair work to alleviate muscle stress caused by tense and strained muscles. If the chair is too much of the expense, consider a massage cushion. Cushions are typically portable, so you can carry them in the car for the commute, and then to the desk for work.

2) Back Brace: If you’re stumped trying to find gift ideas for older relatives or friends, try gifting a back brace. Braces are great for improving posture, helping the body to stay upright while sitting and standing during the day, and alleviating pain from slipped discs. Search online retail vendors for ones that are light weight, adjustable, and out of the way of daily activities.

3) Acupuncture Mats: Perhaps you know someone who can attribute most of their back pain to stress and exhaustion? An acupuncture mat may be the perfect gift to help them relieve that tension and channel the positive energy needed for relief. The mat gives off a naturally relaxing and soothing vibe, so your loved one can feel free while relaxing, watching TV, and reading, exercising or doing yoga.

4) Neck Massager: While this article primarily focuses on back pain, we can’t forget about our friends who suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain as well. Neck massagers typically come equipped with the mechanisms to target specific areas of common neck aches. The vibrations from these massagers allow the neck muscles to be soothed, thereby relieving a major component of cervical pain.

5) Heated Neck and Shoulder Blankets: The therapy of heat to relieve muscle tension and pain is a common practice in the field of neurology. A heated blanket that is contoured to the neck and shoulders can be used in the office, in the car, or while relaxing and is a great idea for family members with acute back pain.

For more information on appropriate gift ideas for those suffering from back aches and pain, please contact Dr. Sharma at Virginia Spine Specialists. Happy Holidays to all our supporters, readers and friends; and Happy New Year from VSS!