Back Surgery: It Could End Your Pain Forever

It goes without saying that back surgery isn’t the answer to every type of back pain. In fact, it’s often best to experiment with other treatment options, such as physical therapy, before going down this path.

However, if your doctor strongly feels that back surgery can end your pain and discomfort forever, it’s something to consider.

We recently consulted with a patient who had suffered from severe back pain for many years. After deciding in favor of surgery, it wasn’t long until he was back on his feet and living his best life.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I suffered for years until Dr. Sharma did back surgery for me. I am amazed at the ease and the short 4 week period of recovery I had this has been the easiest surgery I have had to me it was even less painful then the prior neck fusion I had in the past. Dr. Sharma is the best of the best this has been my third spinal surgery.”

While it’s a big step in your life, opting for back surgery could be just what you need to end your pain forever. And when that happens, you’ll feel much better about your current and future health. 

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