Back Pain Management: You Have Options

spine-xrayChronic back pain has a way of slowing you down. Even if you want to be on the go, this will hold you back from hitting your stride.

Fortunately – and regardless of what’s causing your pain and discomfort – there is a solution. You simply need to find it.

Depending on the advice of your medical team, you may find that you require surgery to repair your problem once and for all. This may be more advanced than what you were hoping for, but you have to consider the long-term benefit.

Before surgery, however, you may want to experiment with a variety of back pain management strategies:

·      Spinal manipulation. A trip to the chiropractor may do you some good, as manipulating your spine could help solve some or all of your problems.

·      Acupuncture. It’s not for everyone, but the insertion of fine needles into the back can increase blood flow and relieve symptoms associated with a variety of disorders.

·      Physical therapy. If you’ve suffered a back injury, such as the result of a car accident, physical therapy may be just what you need to get back to feeling your best. Also, this is something you may need after back surgery. Your therapist will use a variety of techniques and machines to help strengthen your back, all with the idea of eliminating or reducing your pain.

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no way to treat your back pain. The answer is out there, and if you need help finding it don’t hesitate to contact us.