Back Pain Isn’t a Lifelong Sentence

Dealing with chronic back pain is easier said than done. In addition to the physical pain and limitations on your life, you must also manage your emotions. For example, it’s easy to believe that you’ll never escape your pain in the future.

It’s important that you keep a positive mindset, as there’s no rule stating that back pain is a lifelong sentence. There are steps you can take to not only reduce your pain, but hopefully eliminate it once and for all.

We recently consulted with a patient who had been suffering from back pain for many years. He all but gave up on the fact that he could once again resume a normal life. But here’s what he had to say:

January 9, 2018 will be the first anniversary of my back surgery. I do not have any scheduled follow ups with you, but I wanted to let you how I am doing. The decision to move forward with back surgery was a hard decision especially with the knowledge recovery would take at least 6 months. I am completely recovered and able to do any activity without restriction. I can exercise without pain and I am also doing pottery again.

This is proof that your back pain doesn’t have to hold you down forever. Yes, it’s frustrating to deal with, but there are steps you can take to manage the pain and eventually put it behind you. And when that happens, you’ll realize that there’s nothing that can stop you from living your best life.

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