Why Back Pain Sufferers Should Begin an Exercise Routine

WalkingIt’s no surprise that many people who suffer from back pain are hesitant about exercise. A common misconception is that exercise should be avoided when you have back problems.


However, when practiced safely and under your spine doctor’s guidance, exercise can play an important role in alleviating back pain and helping your spine to heal. Of course, please consult Dr. Sharma before starting any kind of exercise program. You’ll want to ask him whether it is safe for you to exercise, depending on your condition, and for recommendations on what types of exercises to do and how often to do them.


Having said that, there is no doubt that exercise is a part of most healthy lifestyles, and back patients are no exception. Here are six reasons to include exercise to your healthy back routine:


Movement is a natural stimulus for the healing process. Through controlled, gradual exercise, you can reduce long-term back pain and prevent, or lessen, future recurrences of pain.


Experts recommend no more than one or two days of rest at the onset of most back pain. In fact, inactivity can increase pain when the muscles and spine become weak and deconditioned.


Movement keeps your back healthy, strong and flexible, which can reduce the chances of further injury and recurring pain.


Fitness activities allow discs to exchange fluids; this exchange is how the disc receives nutrition. Healthy, “well-nourished” discs swell with water and squeeze it out, just like a sponge in water. The sponge action helps deliver nutrients throughout the disc.


Exercise keeps the connective fibers of tendons and ligaments flexible, therefore reducing stiffness. In addition, keeping these fibers flexible can reduce tearing under stress, which can happen if you don’t exercise regularly.


Finally, exercising strengthens and repairs muscles that support the spine. Strengthening the back prevents injury to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and supports the structures of your spine.


If you would like to add exercise to your pain management program, please consult Dr. Sharma today.