Is Artificial Disc Replacement an Option?

Are you suffering from acute lower back pain? Have you come to find that an aggressive conservative treatment strategy is generating less than ideal results?

If you find yourself in this position, it may be time to consider the benefits of artificial disc replacement surgery.

Also known as ADR, this new concept brings many benefits to the patient. Despite the fact that it’s a relatively new technique, it’s been proven effective.

In short, pain relief is achieved by removing the troubling lumbar disc (or discs) and replacing it with a prosthetic implant disc made of metal.

By swapping out one for the other, the patient is able to live without pain and discomfort, while also restoring a high level of mobility.

Note: artificial disc replacement is only an option in the event that the facet joints, those located near the spinal discs, have no degenerative changes. In this case, there’s a much smaller risk of the patient experiencing pain after the surgery.

Since there’s so much to learn about this procedure, you need to discuss the pros and cons with an experienced specialist.

At our practice, we know the ins and outs of ADR, including when it’s the best treatment option for lower back pain. Contact us today to setup a consultation. This could be the first step in eliminating your pain and restoring your mobility.