A Slipped Disc Could be Causing Your Leg, Back Pain

There are many causes of leg and back pain, with a slipped disc one that you don’t want to overlook. For many – especially patients who are suffering – this is a challenging ailment to understand. Not only does it go by a variety of names, such as spondylolisthesis, but it’s not actually the discs that slip. It’s the vertebrae.

There are many causes of a slipped disc, ranging from trauma to degeneration as you age. But regardless of the cause, it’s typically associated with leg and back pain, along with numbness and weakness of the legs.

In regards to treatment, many people benefit from strengthening the core back muscles through physical therapy. Even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely, it helps eliminate some or most or the pain and discomfort.

In more advanced cases, minimally invasive spine surgery may be necessary. This eliminates the problem once and for all, thus resulting in an immediate improvement in the way the patient feels.

If you’re suffering from a slipped disc, don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing you can do. There are a variety of treatment strategies, including surgery, that can help you regain your former level of health.

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