A Plan B is a Good Thing to Have

When it comes to your health, you hope that the first treatment strategy provides the results you’re looking for. However, since this doesn’t always happen, it’s a good idea to have a plan B. With this, you always have something to fall back on, which gives you peace of mind.

We recently consulted with a patient who was suffering from severe nerve compression. As a result, the pain and weakness had reached a point of hindering his quality of life.

After running a variety of tests, we implemented a treatment plan, including surgery, designed to remedy the issue once and for all. Furthermore, if we found during surgery that the nerve damage was permanent, we had a plan B.

Here’s what the patient had to say about his experience:

“To my surprise, Dr. Sharma told me that he could help to relieve the compression on my nerves that should reduce my pain and weakness level considerably for a better quality of life. He also offered a plan B, in case if I had sustained permanent nerve damage from prolonged injury. All this information was provided to me from just one office visit with Dr. Sharma! In less than 2 months later, Dr. Sharma performed the Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Posterior Stabilization surgery on me. I am almost fully recovered from the surgery and my quality life has already improved dramatically. I am very grateful to Dr. Sharma and his team for what they did in a relatively short time.”

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live with neck and/or back pain. There’s always something else you can try.

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