A Back Pain Sufferer’s Holiday Wish List – Part 1

A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.


If you know someone who suffers from spine problems and back pain, the best thing to give them this holiday season is the gift of comfort.


Below you’ll find a thorough resource for gifts that comfort, soothe, and heal. Use it to shop for family and friends – or treat yourself to some of these pain relieving goodies!


1.  Ice and heat sources are easily available, inexpensive, but most importantly, quite effective in treating flare-ups.  Ice reduces inflammation and alleviates pain, while heat stimulates blood flow and hastens healing.


2. The 9-5 desk job might have unexpected health implications.  Improve your workstation ergonomics.    Try using an exercise ball or Swedish kneeling chair, to sit on while working.  These seating options will strengthen your core and relieve pressure off your back.


3.  The holiday season is a time when many people will embark on road trips to visit family and friends.  While driving may be unavoidable, your back pain is not.  Long car rides can cause your lower back to become stiff and tight.  Reduce the stress on the back by using an orthopedic or massaging car seat cover.


4.  Depending on your job industry, you may be required to spend large amounts of time on the phone.  You may experience tension in your neck by constantly holding the phone to your ear.  This holiday, invest in a phone headset.


5.   Improve your sleep and ease your neck and back pain by buying a support pillow. Supportive pillows, placed behind your neck and between your knees while sleeping, reduce the stress on your lumbar discs. One-third of your life is spent sleeping, so this is a worthy investment.