7 Ways to Prepare Your Home After Back Surgery That You May Have Overlooked

If you are scheduled to have back surgery, you’ve probably made some arrangements ahead of time to make your recovery easier. For example, you may have recruited someone to pick up your prescription medicines for you and to come by to help around the house in the first few days after surgery. However, making a few extra plans ahead of time can really help keep you safe, comfortable and happy post-surgery. Here are seven tips to make your homecoming simpler after back surgery:
1. Stock up on paper plates, plastic ware, and paper cups so you won’t have to do dishes. Yes, after your back surgery, you can avoid doing dishes without feeling guilty! You’ll want to refrain from bending over the sink to wash or bending over the dishwasher to load it, so use disposable dinnerware instead.
2. Relocate everyday items to waist level to keep from bending and reaching. Instead, place items you use daily, such as your toothbrush, pajamas, etc., on shelves or table tops that are around waist level so you won’t be reaching up or down.
3. Put lots of pre-made meals in your refrigerator and freezer. Make meals ahead of time, or buy healthy microwaveable options, so you won’t have to put forth much effort at mealtime.
4. Buy t-shirts if you will be wearing a postoperative brace. Make sure you have plenty of clean, well-fitted cotton shirts or tank tops to wear under a brace if you doctor will prescribe one. If you can, “practice” wearing the brace before your surgery to get used to it.
5. Raise your bed to make it easier to get into and out of. You can purchase bed risers from retailers like Walmart or Target.
6. Stock up on hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean without having to stoop over the sink. Even the back and forth arm movements during hand washing can be uncomfortable after surgery, so try to avoid washing them too often – use sanitizer to keep clean.
7. Clear your floors to avoid tripping. The last thing you want to happen is to fall and injure yourself further after back surgery. Remove anything you might trip over, such as throw rugs, and recruit someone to pick up shoes and other items while you’re on the mend.
Each patient’s situation will be different, so be sure to ask Dr. Sharma for other recommendations to make your back surgery recovery easier and more successful.
Image courtesy of One Percent Realty