7 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Spinal Surgery

You’ve been suffering from non-stop back pain for the past few years. You’ve tried to cure it on your own. You’ve sought out advice and nothing has helped. You have made up your mind and plan on seeking out a spine specialist to perform surgery to alleviate your pain.

Before you decide to proceed with surgery, be sure to ask your doctor the following seven questions:

1.) What is your success rate performing this specific surgery?  You obviously want to feel confident that the person performing your surgery has had success with this surgery in the past. Feel free to ask how often they have performed this surgery and how recent.

2.) What could happen if I do not have this surgery? Certain problems can be exacerbated when immediate corrective action is not taken. It is beneficial to understand the health risks that exist if you don’t have surgery.

3.) Are there any alternative approaches other than surgery?  Sometimes surgery is not always necessary. Ask about other possible methods to alleviating your pain.

4.) How long will the recovery process take? While the recovery process can differ from person to person, a general estimate can usually be given. You may also want to ask what the recovery process will entail.

5.) What will the procedure entail?   It’s always best to have an understanding of everything that will take place during surgery, including any types of anesthesia that will be administered.

6.) What happens if my pain comes back? Obviously nobody wants to undergo multiple surgeries but sometimes it is necessary. Ask how often people need to return for more surgery after the specific procedure you’re considering and what the risks of multiple surgeries could include.

7.) Where can I seek a second opinion? A second, or even third, opinion should be sought out for most anything, but especially when it comes to your health. Surgeons should understand this and should have no problem offering advice on where to seek out more opinions and knowledge.

Asking these questions will help you better understand your options and feel more confident about what direction to take. Sometimes surgery is not the answer, but you can’t find out without asking some questions first.