5 Reasons a Spine Surgeon May Not be Right for You

Human Spine
Spine problems and back pain are complex issues that can affect your entire well-being, so it is important to find a spine doctor who is qualified to treat you – and who makes you feel comfortable in his or her care.
While finding a new doctor can seem like a tedious process, is it really worth staying with someone you aren’t sure about? If you see any of the following red flags, it may be time to find a new spine specialist:
1. He or she does not explain the risks of surgery – every surgery comes with risks, and your surgeon should let you know about possible outcomes. This includes the percentage chance of any risks you are facing.
2. The surgeon has a main area of focus other than the spine (such as hip surgery). Operating on the spine is a highly specialized line of work, so it requires a lot of experience.
3. Your surgeon does not offer any non-surgical treatment options. Back surgery is complicated and carries risks, so it should only occur when it is the best way to proceed.
4. He or she doesn’t take the time to explain the cause and the proposed solution to your back pain. As a patient, you need to have as much information as possible to make healthy decisions for your particular situation.
5. The surgeon does not answer your questions. A well-qualified physician does not mind a patient who is inquisitive and will take the time to answer your questions.
Taking the time to find a spine surgeon who is experienced, knowledgeable, and who will work with you to treat your unique back problems is well worth the effort. Sometimes knowing what to avoid is just as helpful as knowing what you want in a back doctor, so let the five previous red flags guide you to a top spine surgeon.