4 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

MI Spine SurgeryDr. Sharma is well-known in the region for performing successful minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Advances in this area of medicine have opened up new opportunities for patients to have their spine disorders corrected and their back pain eliminated.


If you are suffering from spine pain and would like to know more about minimally invasive procedures, we would like to share 4 benefits of this type of back surgery.


1. Patients experience less pain. Since less of the natural anatomy is disrupted, patients often report less pain than open procedures. This benefits allows them to ambulate faster, which typically leads to fewer in-hospital stays and a quicker trip back to work. In short, minimally invasive procedures not only impact surgery pain, but they also minimized the ordeal of surgery.


2. Patients have a lower infection and complication rate. Basically, a smaller incision reduces the risk of infection, so minimally invasive spinal surgery is a safer bet. Other surgery complications, such as deep vein thrombosis and postoperative issues are reduced as well.


3. Patients suffer less from blood loss. A small incision also results in less blood loss. This factor can make surgery less risky and improve outcomes. In general, minimally invasive surgery reduces the injury your body incurs, so wounds bleed less and healing is quicker.


4. Patients recover more quickly. Minimally invasive procedures translate to shorter surgical time. Therefore, the patient benefits from increased efficiency and can spend less time under anesthesia. Surgeons, like Dr. Sharma, who have learned and perfected the art of minimally invasive procedures can offer patients numerous benefits to their health and comfort, even during the surgical process.