Spinal Fusion

The spinal column is made of vertebral bodies, discs and ligaments. Together they form a functioning unit that lends stability to the body and allow us to move. This column gets unstable for a variety of reasons. The vertebral bodies can get fractured. The ligaments no longer stabilize the joints[…]

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We’re very proud of what our patients have to say…

Patient Testimonials: “I have been suffering from back pain for close to a decade. I’ve had to have several spine surgeries with other surgeons over the years.  I was then referred to see Dr. Sharma. He spent a lot of time with me, getting to know my particular problems and[…]

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Treating Cancer of the Spine

The diagnosis of cancer or tumor of a spine can be a devastating blow to a patient. In addition to the burden of living with the disease, the patients have to live with significant pain and disability. Modern spinal treatments in this field have truly made some remarkable advances, providing[…]

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