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Degeneration of the Spine Due to Aging

Americans are living longer and healthier lives with each passing year. With this advancement also comes a price – an increasing number of people are living with an aging spine and the problems that come with it. Most commonly referred to as degenerative disc or joint disease (DDD or DJD),[…]

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Whiplash Syndrome

Whiplash syndrome is a hyperextension injury of the cervical spine that is commonly associated with motor vehicle crashes. As a clinical entity, it presents many chalenges to the clinician due to multiple factors. Roughly 13 million motor vehicle crashes occur annually—of these 1 million cause whiplash injuries. The incidence of[…]

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Managing Neck and Arm Pain

Neck and arm pain is a common experience in the adult population. Fortunately, most instances of this are self-limiting and get better without any treatment. But it is important to know what to do when these episodes do not get better. There are also some scenarios that need specialized evaluation[…]

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Treatment of Spinal Fractures

It is often a scary and confusing diagnosis if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a spinal fracture. In this article, we look at common types of spinal fractures and their treatments. One of the most common spinal fracture is a compression fracture of the spinal column.[…]

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Salvaging Failed Back Surgery

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting the general population. Among individuals with labor intensive work, the prevalence of low back pain is alarmingly high. Even though conservative management is very effective in treating such pain, some cases of low back pain are resistant to all[…]

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Minimally Invasive Solutions for Low Back Pain

Nearly every adult has experienced low back pain at some point in their life. It is not surprising that low back pain is the second most common neurological disorder affecting Americans. Only headache is more common. Fortunately, most cases of low back pain are short-lived and go away in a[…]

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