Don’t Guess, Get the Help You Need

Many patients come to us after months or years of testing, guessing, and hoping that their problem would simply go away. When it comes to back and neck issues, there’s never a good time to guess. Not only can this result in additional harm, but it also holds the patient[…]

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Spinal Fusion Brings Patient Relief

After many years of pain and suffering, a patient visited our practice to better understand the cause of his back and neck pain. Upon learning more about the patient’s situation, we determined that a spinal fusion was the best way to treat the problem once and for all. While the[…]

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Dr. Sharma Helps Patient After Serious Car Accident

A car accident, even one in which you don’t suffer an injury, is a traumatizing experience. However, things can quickly go from bad to worse if you find that you’re dealing with a serious injury. Recently, a patient consulted with Dr. Sharma after a near-fatal car accident on a major[…]

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