What You Need to Know about Spinal Fusion Surgery

From discomfort to limited mobility, back pain can impact your life on a daily basis. When you are living with pain in your lower back, lumbar spinal fusion may be a viable option for you. This blog post will cover some of the basic information you need to know if you[…]

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How to Prevent Injuries to Your Lower Back

Our spines are a marvel of nature, supporting us as we walk, run, bend and carry heavy objects. Unfortunately, many of us take our spines for granted, until we get hurt. The lumbar region of our backs (the lower spine) is the most common area to suffer a spinal injury[…]

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Neck Strain: Should You See a Doctor?

In general neck strain is not a serious injury, but the pain it causes can leave you thinking otherwise. Let’s take a look at the causes and self-treatments of neck strain, as well as the key signs you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Our spines provide a high[…]

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